pitch_new At Pure Mortgage, we give the banks big business, so we get you their preferred rates. But we’re not just about rate—we’re about you. We’ll guide you through your mortgage from start to finish, then support you for years to come. Learn about Ron, his mortgage process, and then contact him today!

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Variable (5 Year) 2.36% - 0.05%
1 Year 2.89% --
2 Year 2.94% + 0.40%
3 Year 2.99% --
4 Year 3.15% + 0.16%
5 Year 3.09% + 0.15%
10 Year 3.74% --
Rates may be subject to additional terms and conditions
PRIME: 3.45% Line of Credit: 3.95% Prime: +0.50%
"From the first phone call to the completion of our application, every step of the way Ron helped us with resources." - Wayne

It’s a big deal.
Buying your first home is probably the biggest decision of your life. You’re dealing with a lot of money—and a lot of emotions too. That’s why Pure Mortgage doesn’t treat you like a commission.

We start with you.
We take the time to get to know you today and talk about your life plans for tomorrow. That way, we can find the lender & mortgage that’s made for you, with flexible terms that fit just right. And expect an awesome rate—we give the banks big business.

We stick with you.
Even if you haven’t saved much, there are lots of options for getting into your first home, like using RSSP contributions through the Home Buyers’ Plan or even having your down payment gifted or borrowed. Throughout the process, we’ll help you feel comfortable and confident, explaining complex details in the simplest terms. And in the years to come, we’ll still be there—making sure your mortgage is purely perfect.

Do better.
The lender you worked with the first time around may not be the right one the next time around—you have a chance to do better. When you’re buying your next home, you have many of the same advantages as first time home buyers. Pure Mortgage will help you make the most out of your next home buying experience.

Make dollars make sense.
We crunch the numbers, helping you find unique ways to save. For example, if you’re porting your mortgage to a pricier property, what would make more sense—paying a higher rate for extra financing or paying a penalty to start again at a lower rate? Those kinds of questions can save you thousands.

Life keeps changing.
When you bought your first home, you had mid-term and long-term plans. Well, those mid-term plans are your present and your long-term plans are on the doorstep. We’ll sit down with you to take a look at your new plans and what they mean for your mortgage.

Think long term.
Real estate investing can get complicated. Once we get to know your plan—and your possibilities—we can help map out your investment financing path. That includes finding the right lender for your needs, whether it’s one with flexible line of credit options or a lender who’ll finance unlimited properties. It also means finding ways to minimize 20% down payments—like renting out your former home and moving into your next rental property prospect with 5% down.

Financing matters.
When it comes to real estate investing, financing can make or break the whole deal. If funding isn’t figured out, investments can go sideways fast. On the other hand, the right strategies can bring bigger returns or make for a much more profitable business. That’s where we come in.

Keep the cash flowing.
Without cash flow, investing in real estate doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. We’ll help you build a plan that guarantees your rental income is more than all your expenses combined—not just more than your mortgage payment.


Want to know more about investing in real estate? Read my blog post about it here.

Refinance for good reason.
Saving money is a pretty good reason to refinance. If your mortgage rate looks bad compared to what’s out there now and the breaking fee is less than the interest you’ll save, refinancing is a no brainer. Of course, refinancing can also help smooth things out for your life. Maybe you need to consolidate debt, have unexpected costs or are finally getting to long overdue renos. Whatever the case, we’ll help you get the best mortgage for your situation.

Renewal is refinancing.
You might not have thought of it this way, but when your mortgage is up for renewal, it’s really up for refinancing. Never just sign your renewal letter. We’ll help you find a better deal, whether it’s with your current lender or another option.

We’ll be proactive.
Refinancing before your term is up comes with penalties, but sometimes those penalties are worth the savings. Over the life of your mortgage, we’ll keep an eye out for every opportunity to save you money.

About Ron Lefebvre

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Pure Mortgage started after an experience that was—let’s just say—less than pure. When buying my first home, I walked into my bank with fingers crossed, hoping I’d get approved for a mortgage. They asked me a few money questions, confused me with some big words, dictated what I would get and that was that which ended up costing me thousands of dollars. I didn’t realize how many options I really had—not just at my bank—but with other lenders who’d compete for my business. And I certainly had no idea someone could do all that legwork for me at no cost.

We’re always
looking for ways
to save you money.

That personal experience turned into pure passion. Pure Mortgage was formed to help as many people as possible navigate the confusing and often overwhelming experience of financing a home. Our team is now in the top ten for volume of mortgages in Canada. We’re earning the praise of our peers too, with awards including Best Newcomer at the CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards along with Invis Associates of the Year.

Like any broker, we have mortgage expertise—but how we put that expertise to work makes all the difference. Pure Mortgage actively manages the entire process and continues a real service relationship after your mortgage closes. We help you make educated decisions along the way and we’re always looking for ways to save you money. When it comes down to it, we work for you – purely.

AMP Accredited Mortgage Professionals CMP Top 75 Brokers 2016 CMA Best Customer Service CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards Winner 2012


We get to know you—and you get to know us too. We’ll discuss your situation, answer your questions, figure out your goals and talk about how we can achieve them.

When we’re done, we’ll help you complete your mortgage application in whichever way you’d like—online, over the phone or in person.


Review and Plan

We’ll go over your mortgage application with a fine-tooth comb and get back to you fast—within one business day. When we do, we’ll let you know about any other documentation you’ll need to get your financing.

Once we have all the documents we need, we’ll sit down to make a plan. This part is key—it’s when we find a lender with the right mortgage product for your needs.




Now’s the time to put your plan into action. We’ll get in touch with your chosen lender and put in your mortgage application.

Once the lender has reviewed and approved your mortgage, we’ll take a close look at the approval with you. This will help us sort out all the lender’s conditions—and make sure they’re satisfied.


Funding and Follow up

Once all the lender’s conditions are satisfied, they’ll submit the documents to be registered on title, transfer the funds and the house is yours!

Some brokers would say goodbye at this point, but we think your mortgage is way too important to leave you out in the cold. We’ll stay in touch all the way through, exploring every option to save you money and helping you prepare for the future.

You might think using a mortgage consultant is all about getting the banks’ best mortgage rates. Well, you do get great rates—but with Pure Mortgage that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Our biggest difference is real relationships. We take the time to get to know you right off the bat. How else could we help you find your best mortgage? From there, we stick with you—for the life of your mortgage. As your needs change along with your life, so does our mortgage advice.

Our process is painstaking. We consider every aspect of you mortgage. Should it be fixed or variable? Open or closed? 1, 3, 5…maybe 8 years? What are the repayment terms? Add mortgage rate into the equation and the list of lenders gets slim. Maybe your bank is on that list—but when there are dozens of options, why take the risk of looking at just one?

On top of all that, Pure Mortgage has real experts. We’re licensed mortgage specialists, who’ll work with you for years. On the other hand, banks don’t provide mortgage planning or advice—they sell products. And as you’ve probably noticed, their employees often turnover before they ever get to know you.

At Pure Mortgage, we work with several major chartered banks, plus other exclusive non-bank mortgage corporations. Some of the lenders we work with include:

  1. First National Mortgage
  2. MCAP Mortgage
  3. Street Capital
  4. ATB Financial
  5. RMG Mortgages
  6. Partner Mortgage
  7. National Bank
  8. TD Canada Trust
  9. Servus Credit Union
  10. Scotiabank

These are just a few of over 50 lenders to choose from. Of course, you don’t have to get to know them all—we’ve already done that for you. And once we know you and your needs, we filter through all the lenders, simplify your options, and help you make your best choice.

Nope. You won’t pay any fees. Might sound hard to believe, but it’s true.

Of course, we do get paid in the end. Your chosen lender pays us a finder’s fee for bringing them your business, as well as the business of hundreds more like you. It makes sense for everyone—the lender gets new mortgages with almost no overhead, we get compensated for our time and energy, and you get a dedicated partner for the life of your mortgage, absolutely free of charge.

It all starts with a conversation. We get to know where your life is at today—and where your life is headed. From there, we can figure out a lot.

  • What term is right for you? If you’re buying a condo, experience tells us there’s a good chance you’ll sell within the first three years. If that’s the case, a traditional 5-year term doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
  • What’s your risk tolerance? Are you willing to accept a rate that could change for an opportunity to save? That’ll help us figure out whether fixed or variable is the way to go.
  • What’s your plan with the property? Will you rent it out when you’re ready to move on? These questions help us figure out whether an open or closed mortgage is right for you.
  • What’s more important—low payments or low interest? This will help us find your perfect amortization period.

When choosing lenders, it comes down to the details. Is there a chance you’ll need to port the mortgage? If so, a mortgage corporation or trust company might be a better choice. How are their breakage penalties calculated? You might be surprised at how different they can be from lender to lender. Put all these details together and the big picture becomes clear.

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